Breaking News: Building Barriers Now to Stop Arunachala Inner Path Pradakshina


In the newspaper reports of 10 August 2012 the Forest Department spokesman talked about building barriers to access points for entry to Arunachala’s Inner Path. This work has started.  Below are some photos taken the morning of 11 August of some barriers that have already been put in place.

Here is a map showing the barriers in place this morning:


The first set of barriers is in the open area, after you pass by the Children’s Park and The Forest Way reforestation station.


A bulldozer has dug up the dirt and created a wall.


It looks like there is a path over the dirt.


But when you get to the top of the dirt, there is a ditch, about six feet deep, and another dirt wall on the other side, lined with thorns. No easy way to pass.



There is another path here that leads towards Arunachala. It is blocked, too.


There is a path that leads through these tall planted trees.


It is blocked.


A ditch has also been dug, not so imposing as the last one though. And there are thick piles of brush on the other side of the ditch.


Across from the big Nandi, near Pradakshina Road, there is a path that leads to the mountain.


It is blocked by brush.


Thick brush, and another pile of brush on the other side.


Around the corner of Pradakshina Road, there is a dirt track that leads to the mountain.


Blocked by one layer of brush.


A popular way to the mountain is the dirt road to Kattu Siva Tank.


Blocked by a pile of dirt.


Piles of thorn bushes on the other side, for a second row of deterrent. No ditch (yet), though.


Past this dirt track are toilets used during full moon days and nights. There is a path to the left side of it. Blocked with brush.


This is just how far they have gotten so far. I assume that later today, or perhaps Monday, we will see barriers all the way up to Kannapa Temple (where the last good entry point is to the Inner Path.

I will let you know as I see more.

I still cannot believe what they are doing. Such destruction to the area that most of us see as most holy.

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4 Responses to “Breaking News: Building Barriers Now to Stop Arunachala Inner Path Pradakshina”

  1. pumdv Says:

    Dear Ric
    I think there is a misunderstanding with regard to Western and Indian. If any one is really intrested to solve the issue or even if you want to have a meeting with the forest minister or ASI or H R & C it cannot happen in TV Malai but in Chennai the headquarters. Until this happens govt will go by what local leaders say.
    If any west organisation or local organisation wants to meet any one of govt dept or minister here or conduct a conference and call the minister please let me know they can make a lots of difference.
    For solving issues it is not Rajini or movie star but to conduct a conference and take the proposal forward it gives a right platform

  2. Delana Schneider Says:

    What, if anything, can be done to “undo” the damage? Is this being done to “prevent” careless fires from people on the mountain?

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      This was a political decision. I have been told by someone familiar with some of the fires that the fires that have been set were not set in places that Westerners visit. I have heard that some people are getting together to meet with the local head of the Forest Department. I think if someone important, like perhaps the Tamil movie star Rajinikanth, who has a real love for Arunachala, were to get involved, it would make a world of difference. Though ‘only’ a movie star, he has much influence. I don’t know if westerners have much influence, even though they have contributed much to the greening of Arunachala, and to the ongoing fire suppression efforts, and contribute much to the local economy. .

  3. David Cardoso Says:

    i cannot believe it either.

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