Update on Rooms at Ramanasramam


If you are planning to visit Ramana Ashram this year, here is news for you. Ramana Ashram had closed some of their old housing so that they could build new rooms, and add more accommodations. They said in March 2011 that they would be ready in 18 months; this would be August 2012.

I have seen the construction going on. Today I stopped to ask when the new rooms would be ready. “Six months,” I was told. That means not until after this winter visiting season.

If you are coming to Tiruvannamalai this year, and planning a stay at Ramana Ashram, you can only plan on a three-day stay at the ashram until the new rooms are ready. You will have to use other guest houses or hotels for the rest of your visit.

I took some pictures, so I will show you the construction in progress, and a preview of the new rooms.

Ramana Ashram entrance, early in the morning when it is still peaceful.


The entrance to the compound where the rooms are being rebuilt. The old Ramanasramam library was on at the back of this plot. Most of the old buildings have been torn down, and new ones are being built.


It looks like this will be a nice place to stay. It is right across the street from Ramana Ashram, and in the center of the places that most visitors will want to see.


The rooms are simple, but will be just fine.


I can see that Western toilets will be installed. I see two pipes. Can that possibly mean there will be hot water? I can’t image that luxury!


With glass doors on one end, these rooms will be nice and light.


Workers are busy applying a smooth facing on the concrete.


When I count all the rooms in the buildings being built, I see 60 new rooms (I think). This is many more than were here before.


When these new rooms open, accommodations will be easier to get at Ramana Ashram.


For now, though, you will need to plan only a short stay at Ramana Ashram.


More cement bricks coming into the compound, basic brick laying work is still going on.


Enjoy your stay here this year, but plan to stay at places other than Ramana Ashram. These will be nice rooms in a good location and pleasant environment when they are finished.


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7 Responses to “Update on Rooms at Ramanasramam”

  1. thatbettina Says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your blog.
    I’d love to find a place to stay on from Nov. 24 to 27, but the ashram is full during that time. What places do you recommend for me that is near the ashram?

  2. Vasek Vaclav Says:

    Hi, does anybody know how end the library? It is my favorite spot in Tiru..Please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Robert Fields Says:

    Thanks for this posting and for the photos. Nice to see the development of the Ashram.

  4. Lalitha Ramesh Says:

    This is great news indeed. Hope we get some good rains so that the water problem also gets resolved.

    Waiting for the call from Arunacha Ramana to be able to make my next trip !

  5. Nandikara Subramanian Parasuraman Says:

    This is a good attempt. More people will be able to stay there. We will bear with the small delay in construction.

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