Living by the Grace of God–“Wisdom of the Siddhas” Tour


Editors note: This is from a couple who presently live in Tiruvannamalai. Soon they embark on a worldwide tour to present what they have seen and learned from A number of Indian  holy men over the years. They are doing this tour, really, by the grace of God. They do not have money, or an arranged itinerary. They go, surrendered to God, believing that support will come their way from people who think what they offer is worthwhile. 

On July 17th, 2012 Tara and I will attempt the most ambitious thing we’ve ever dreamed of accomplishing. Our plan is to travel around the world in 4 months to visit 10 countries and bring the Wisdom of the Siddhas to people who are thirsty for spiritual knowledge. What makes this so challenging is that at the present moment we have less than $100 to our name. Some people might say we’re crazy to even dream of doing this but we know that we are blessed by God’s grace and that we will succeed. We will not do it. God will.

Ganganath and Tara Leela

In 2010, after living in India for 4 years, researching the lives of great Siddha Saints, we decided to return to America to share the profound teachings of the Siddhas. When we got off the plane in San Francisco on August 19th, we had $90 to our name, total life assets, and no car. Our dream then was to travel the entire United States and share the Wisdom of the Siddhas. Some friends thought we were crazy. How could we do it. We had practically no money and no car. We said that we were confident that we would succeed because God was doing it. The truth is that God does it all for each of us every day of our lives. We ended up traveling to over 30 states of America. We shared our free 3 hour multimedia presentation on the Siddha Saints of India over 150 times to over 3,000 people.

A couple who attended our presentation in Austin, Texas wrote:

“Secrets of the Siddhas is not only an extraordinary spiritual lecture, it is the most powerful spiritual talk and inspirational presentation we have encountered in forty years of spiritual seeking. We highly recommend that everyone interested in spirituality and enlightenment attend Secrets of the Siddhas to hear this beautiful message given by Ganganath and Tara Leela.”

– Neil J. Carman, Ph.D. and Elizabeth Carman

People often ask us why we give our teachings for free. They often suggest that we charge for it. Some even say that we could become rich by charging a lot of moony for seminars and retreats. The reason why we do what we do is that we don’t believe in turning spirituality into a business. Spirituality – the pathway to Enlightenment – is the most sacred and pure thing on Earth. It is not a business. It is a gift of Love. We can not charge for it. It must be given freely to all who are thirsty for Wisdom and Light.

So, we have decided to live very simply in India, not owning property, a car or even a motorbike. The only material possessions that we have are what we need to do our spiritual work to serve humanity. We have two laptops, a video camera and a still camera that we use to do our research on the Saints of India and then communicate with others around the world. Our living expenses in India are minimal compared to living in America. Our rent is about $200 per month. We have no health insurance and no savings. We usually have less that $200 to our name and we live totally on voluntary contributions from people who believe in the work we are doing. To those kind-hearted should, we are deeply grateful. They are indeed co-participants in the work we are doing.

Our lives are 100% devoted to being of service to mankind. Many people write to us and ask us to be their guru. We are not gurus and we don’t claim to be enlightened. We are just simple people who love God and want to be of service to humanity. We are not looking for a following. We are not promoting any one religion, teacher or path. We love and respect all great enlightened masters from all spiritual traditions. Our only desire is to know God ourselves and to inspire others to evolve spiritually. We trust that they will be guided to the teacher and path that best suits them. For one person it might be Advaita. For another it might be Kriya Yoga. For another the Sufi way, or Tibetan Buddhism or Taoism. During our over 40 years on the spiritual path we have studied with many beautiful teachers. We have come to the conclusion that there is no best way. The best way is what works best for you now.

So, on July 17th, just about 10 days from now, we will begin our World Tour. The only way that we can get out of India is that we have been invited to speak at a very large conference on Siddha Wisdom in Malaysia on July 20th. The organizers of the conference have offered to provide out tickets to Kuala Lumpur. After that we will be living totally by the Grace of God. In fact, we’ve named the tour the "Living by the Grace of God Tour" because the only way that it will happen is by the Grace of God. After Malaysia, we plan to visit Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan, Hawaii, Vancouver, America (Seattle, Portland, Ashland, Shasta, Marin, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boulder, Austin, Chicago, New York), London, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Germany.

At this point, we have less that $100 to our name. We are going totally on trust, surrendered to the Will of God. We have no idea how this tour will manifest but we know that in past years we succeeded in bring the Message of the Siddha Saints to over 4,000 people across America. We know that what we are attempting to accomplish is the first time that the Siddhas Wisdom will be brought to so many people in so many countries around the world.

If you are motivated to assist us in this historic event, you may make a donation on our website at: 

Or, if you would like to assist by helping to organize an event in your area, please contact us at:

And, if you cannot help in those ways, we ask that you pray for us to succeed in this 2012 Secrets of the Siddha "Living by the Grace of God" World Tour.


Ganganath and Tara Leela


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12 Responses to “Living by the Grace of God–“Wisdom of the Siddhas” Tour”

  1. kashluck Says:

    My humble response to Annamarie’s postings:
    In matters relaing to spiritualism, conclusions arrived by using the mind to analyse will not be fully accurate. Conclusions arrived by properly using our sensitivity to energy will be more accurate.

    Red Flag #1: Colours have their own properties. In Hinduism Red is not used to symbolise renunciation. It is saffron/yellow. In reality, the property of red is dynamism. In this case, it stands for spiritual dynamism.
    Rudraksha mala, vibuthi etc are used to activiate certain “chakras” or meridians in the energy body.
    Relationships are not a hindrance to spiritual progress. The right attitude helps accelerate spiritual progress.

    Red Flag #2: If a good soul is generous to offer a car, it helps to spread the message faster, and benefit more people. By the way, there seems to be a misunderstanding of the word “renuniciaton”.
    The real meaning is to renounce bad thoughts and actions. In this case, the car is being used as a vehicle to travel faster to many places. The intention is to spread the message and not to own a car. Nothing wrong!

    Red Flag #3: A spiritualist must have a plan to do good to others, and ways to execute the plan. In this case the plan is to go to many countries and for the noble thought, certainly help will come. It is better to appreciate the faith.

    Red Flag #4: This is a begining. How are we to assume that the journey will not be to other places as well. Anyway, there are many people in those “rich” counrties who do not have happiness inspite of being rich.

    Red Flags # 5 & 6: Let us not attribute motives to whatever is being said. Have an open mind, I trust you are a spiritually evolving person. Use your sensitivity to understand these people with an open mind.

    Gold Throne: Ganga has been in this for over 40 years now. If at all he had aspired for a golden thrown, it would have come many years ago! His body is already 63 years old and what use will be the golden throne to him at this age!

    A. Raviprakash

  2. cspacenz Says:

    I think that annamarie2 somehow has some personal history with this particular subject and is clearly venting frustration at these people who are probably quite innocent of her extreme views.

  3. annamarie2 Says:

    Matching what people say with what they do, this one’s:
    1. clothing is a red flag. They have pictures of both of them in red even on their website. So, the visual and verbal messages are different.
    2. The gold throne will come later – when they get rich and cocky. That has been the pattern in the world of modern day ‘gooroos’.

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.
    Sorry Richard, this one is a definite Buyer Beware for a few of us who read this post although you are welcome to have your own thoughts on this. There is not a problem with that.


    • Richard Clarke Says:

      I think you are reading too much into this. It may look like a duck to you, but that does not mean it is a duck. It means that it looks like a duck to you. You simply do not know, and are making many assumptions, the mind filling in what it does not know with what it thinks are facts, but are assumptions and projections. To defame people you do not know nor have never heard is a bit presumptuous.

  4. annamarie2 Says:

    Red flag #1: He is wearing red with a rudraksha mala and vibhuti on its side. This is a traditional sign of renunciation in the Hindu tradition. Yet he is in a relationship.

    Red flag # 2.: They have repeatedly asked for a car. The renunciates in the Hindu tradition, especially in Tiruvannamalai, walk. There is a walking western swami in the ISKON, Hare Krishna movement. He doesn’t drive or get a car ride, if he can walk. That way he meets more people.

    Red flag # 3: They say they are living totally by grace. Yet they know that they will be visiting ” After Malaysia, we plan to visit Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan, Hawaii, Vancouver, America (Seattle, Portland, Ashland, Shasta, Marin, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boulder, Austin, Chicago, New York), London, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Germany. ”

    Red flag #4: Notice all these are affluent areas of the world. They are not going to the poor, downtrodden, strife filled areas in South America or Africa.

    Red flag #5: They have learned from a number of holy men and says repeatedly that he doesn’t want to be a guru. Is he playing hard to get? Will he do so for the right price? Also, are they not sure yet what tradition they will lead. Wherever the money is?

    Red flag #6: The way it is written, it is a time-tested way that other ordinary people have used to become mega gurus and then gotten into trouble. Nothing original about this couple’s approach.
    Buyer beware!

    • richardclarke Says:

      I know these people and they are not enriching themselves by this effort. They live simply in Tiruvannamalai, a low-cost place to live. They live much more economically than my wife and I do. They are not renunciates, nor have I ever heard them claim to be. So any criticism of them from this basis is off key. Also when you start with criticism based on some idea that is incorrect, it makes one question every thing else that follows. Also I get no idea that they are trying to be gurus, but rather are sharing what they have found. This is what they say, and I believe them.

      It is easy to be negative, especially when you have no direct knowledge of the people.

      Certainly there are people in the ‘spirituality business’ that try to take advantage of other people; to enrich themselves, or to get the apparent social benefit from being seen as some kind of spiritual heavy weight. There are even spiritual teachers who sit on golden thrones. I have seen all of this.

      Even with this, I would advise that before you criticize and condemn, that you get some actual experience and knowledge of the people you are talking about. Otherwise all you have is your ideas and fears and rumors and innuendo. Then when you make as post like you did, you spread all of your ideas, fears, rumors and innuendo around. And maybe this means that someone who would have benefits from hearing what they have to say would not go an listen. Do you want that karma?

  5. annamarie2 Says:

    There are too many red flags with this one.

  6. maryjoma Says:

    Or, people can read “Stories of 63 Peripuranam Saints” that Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi read when Arunachala was preparing him for merger with him. The book is sold in the Ramanasramam bookstore and e-book store website. It costs about Rs 100 (US $ 2).

    I read this book last year as a sadhana. One saint per day and had amazing experiences.

  7. cspacenz Says:

    Sounds like a pretty good holiday !

  8. Sparrow Mattes Says:

    Sound like good folks. May they be blessed…

  9. Udaysree Says:

    amazing! would love to here more about it.

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