Half a Million Pages!!!


This blog has passed a big milestone. As of today, 26 June, 2012, there have been more than 500,000 pages viewed!

Thank you!


When I started the blog in 2008 I never imagined that this was possible. A good day then was to have 100 pages viewed. Now a typical day is 700 pages. The biggest day ever was over 2000. Four years of history is shown below. Viewership just keeps going up. Thank you all!


A few more statistics:

319 Articles

There have been 320 articles posted. A typical article takes about ten hours of work. So this is more than 3000 hours of shooting and editing photos, researching, writing and proofreading.


You, the readers, have always been active as a community, sharing your reactions to and ideas about what is posted. Thank you!

232 Blog followers and 120 Comments followers

There are many of you who want to know right away when something new is published. You enjoy what is offered.


Not only do many of you enjoy what you read here, but you want to share it with your friends. Most of these – 471 – have been Facebook shares. Let this be a reminder, if you like a post, share it with your friends.

Zero – 0 – Money

I do this as a service, to Arunachala, my family and friends, and to each of you. There has never been a charge, nor any commercial message. Occasionally I show some local Nonprofit that needs financial help. And once asked for, the help is often offered by you. Thank you for this generosity, your open heart, and willingness to give the service of financial support by donating to those whose needs are often desperate. 


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7 Responses to “Half a Million Pages!!!”

  1. subhraman Says:


  2. Venkata Ramana Sarma Podury Says:

    I do not think any other devotee of arunachala has photographed IT as much as you did and spread information. Your passion for photoraphy coupled with dedication to give references on hindu cluture is unique. I am sure many hindus must have learnt many things from your postings.Congratulations

  3. Delana Schneider Says:

    Richard, these articles are more than “posts”..they reflect your heart, caring and connection. All of the readers benefit from the inspiration and reminder that we all care and are connected through the heart. Thank you, Namaste and many blessings for a full recovery of your health & knees that they may once again carry you up your sacred Hill.

  4. Lalitha Ramesh Says:

    Thanks Richard. Your Blog keeps us tuned to Arunachalam !! Thank You so much again !

  5. Suryanarayana Raju (@doctorraju1950) Says:

    Congratulations Sir. Namaste.

  6. Layena Camhi Says:


    Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts.


    Om Namah Shivaya……

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