Cleaning Arunachala’s Pradakshina Route


The current District Collect in Tiruvannamalai seems to be intent upon improving the cleanliness of the Pradakshina route.

One example of this is that two days after the recent Deepam celebration, there were already crews at work cleaning the road and area around it. Here is a photo of some women at work on Pradakshina Road.


There was also an article recently in the Deccan Chronicle, titled “Dump plastics in bin to win gold.” The collector has set up collection bins. People who dump plastics into these bins receive a token, and every month there will be a drawing, and gold or silver is given to winners. In the recent Deepam period, when 2 million people came to Tiruvannamalai, 144 devotees won either gold or silver.

The District Collector, Anshul MIshra, said that this campaign has sunk deep into the minds of devotees, and several thousand of them were collecting plastic trash during the festival. This was so successful that he has decided to continue this each full moon night, when 200,000 or more people come and walk Pradakshina around Arunachala. “We hope they will carry back a lasting message on environmental protection from this divine trip.” he said. 

The state’s plastic manufacturers have agreed to take the plastic from these bins for recycling. “We will be paying for the plastics. We are happy to be associated with this divine project to keep Tiruvannamalai clean. We even saw kids picking up waste to throw in the bins.” said G. Sankaran of the state plastics manufacturers association.


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One Response to “Cleaning Arunachala’s Pradakshina Route”

  1. cspacenz Says:

    Looks like they are redistributing the dirt and dust !

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