From the Nondual Self-Inquiry Retreat 2010


Every year Nome at SAT (Society of Abidance in Truth) offers several retreats. At each of these retreats the written teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi are the main content, along with Nome’s commentary and dialogs with those who attend the retreat.

Here are three excepts from one of these retreats.

From Sri Ramana Maharshi’s book “Who Am I?”

Sri Ramana Maharshi – He reveals the Truth, He reveals Himself

The Timeless, Spaceless, Nondual Reality


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5 Responses to “From the Nondual Self-Inquiry Retreat 2010”

  1. cspacenz Says:

    I’m curious Richard, if you don’t mind me asking.

    What do you get from a teacher that you can’t get from the many books by or about Ramana ?

    His message to me has always been so simple and the practice itself also is very straight forward and simple, just requiring dedicated practice of course (and that is a whole different matter)



    • richardclarke Says:

      Among many things by listening to his commentary I learn how to read Ramana. The teaching is so deep that it can be hard to see it all. There is background and context that most westerners do now know, and when understood, the teaching is clearer. Another this is that it is hard to ask questions and have a dialog with a book. And in having such dialogs one is able to get rid of some of the ignorance that is held to. Also it is my experience in meditating with Nome, that one is somehow ‘led’ to new depths of practice. After being shown this by the teacher, one can continue what has been revealed.

  2. cspacenz Says:

    Hey Richard,

    I really like Nome as teacher, I have been enjoying his videos.

    I think if I was ever going to visit a teacher he would be the one I would visit.

    Best wishes, keep up the good work


    • richardclarke Says:

      We have seen many teachers, and think Nome is the best. He is always deep, with uncompromising in nonduality. His teaching on inquiry is also the best that we have heard.

  3. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    Dear Richard! and Carol!,

    Its been a while since and hope all is well.

    Wish you both a merry Xmas season!!!. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Much love and Best regards,

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