Nome and Max


Nome is the teacher at SAT in Santa Cruz, CA, USA. His teaching of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Self-inquiry is the highest and deepest that we have ever heard. We have been taking satsang with Nome for more than 20 years, and when we go back to the USA, one big part of the trip is to spend time with Nome at satsang and maybe a retreat.

We usually see him seated before the group, giving a discourse or in dialogue. While there is often laughter, the satsangs are serious occasions to deeply dive into spiritual practice.

Here, though, is another side of Nome, not usually seen. A member  of the sangha, Jim Clark, who does the flower decorating of the murtis before satsangs, has recently adopted a new puppy, Max.

Nome has fun with the puppy, and recently Jim took a few photos of him playing with Max.


Playing tug. 


Max got the toy.


Let’s wrestle. 


Now for quiet time. 


Both are happy after play time.


I thought that these photos would be of interest to spiritual seekers everywhere, as a chance to see a sage out of the usual milieu.

7 Responses to “Nome and Max”

  1. ghariharan Says:

    Thanks for the vimeo link. Beautiful!

  2. Jim Clark Says:

    For more satsangs with Nome, there is a channel on Vimeo:

  3. sriiborananda Says:

    “It is better that a canine strive to emulate the spiritual attainment of the Jnani, rather than be enamored of the everyday, ordinary, usual canine activities in which the Jnani may be engaged.

    – Sri Iborananda, That Thou A a r r f f

  4. ghariharan Says:

    Very thoughtful of you, Richard, to post pictures of Nome that show that gyanis can lead apparently ordinary lives, too. Just as Ramana Maharishi did.

    • richardclarke Says:

      Nome said that it would be OK to post these photos, he just was not sure which was Nome and which was Max. When asked later about this, he said that he was neither, but if he had to choose one he would choose Max.

  5. karthik Says:

    How often does Nome visits India, Interested in meeting him.
    Are his speeches available(internet) to listen and understand

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