Old Folks Home opens in Tiruvannamalai


The Quality of Life Trust, operating in a village next to Tiruvannamalai, has since it start been caring for abandoned elders. This is a major problem inIndia. InIndia, there is no equivalent to the USA Social Security, which provides a ‘safety net’ for people as they age. Rather, the Indian family, if working correctly, will have the oldest son take care of the parents — at least that is what should happen. But change has come to India, and this change affects even people in the villages. One part of the change is young people moving to the cities. When there is no oldest son around, who is there to care for the parents? These changes also include the ravages of modern problems like Aids and alcoholism, both of which destroy families. With no family support, then what are the elders to do? Many of them end up homeless, living by begging, and, if lucky, find a porch to a house where they can regularly sleep.

To help with this problem, the Quality of Life Trust started an elder feeding project four years ago, feeding and providing medical care for some of these old people. It is hard to raise money for such projects, so the amount of care has always been limited by the donations the Trust was able to get. Particularly needed are ongoing donations. Even as little as $50 per month makes a big difference.

Even with these limited resources, the Quality of Life Trust has been committed to starting an Old Age Home, so that some of these elders can have a safe place to live and sleep, a home where they can be comfortable, and where their few possessions are safe from theft.

With the help of one generous donor, they have just opened such a home.

Here are two women, sitting in the house on their beds, provided by the Trust.

Presently five people live in the home, four women and one man. Two of them need cataract surgery, so they can see. This is a big expense (about $200 each), and the Trust does not yet have money to help with this. The Trust would like to be able to do more, but this is all their money can support, and even this much requires more ongoing financial support than they have. I ask you to look into your hearts, and think about the situation of the old people you know, maybe even your own parents. Now imagine they have no home and have to live on the street, begging for each meal and wondering where they will sleep tonight. Is this a situation which you think is worthy of your support?

Your help is needed

Is there a way that you can help? This is vital to the ability of the Trust to continue to operate and help these old people that so desperately need help. Go to their web site donation page to see how to send money, or contact me to get funds to the Trust. I will help you. Please help if you can, with a one-time donation, or best, with an ongoing commitment of support. One hundred Dollars or one hundred Euros is a real help. .


8 Responses to “Old Folks Home opens in Tiruvannamalai”

  1. Peruvemba Subramanian Ramachandran Says:

    Dear Richard
    Thanks for writing about the old. Unfortunately India has lost the technique of polishing the g`old’ and benefiting immensely from their wisdom and emotions.

    One point you have written about is the cataract operations needed by two inmates and the costs.

    Perhaps you, or the others would be aware,that one can benefit from the free eye camps conducted at regular intervals by the Lions Club, spread all over India and other service organisations, where everything is taken care of, including the cost of IOU implants. You may request the organisers of the Old Age Home to contact the local Lions Clubs and benefit from it.

    With best regards.

  2. heliosholistic Says:

    I am very interested in this project please send me your email address, Martin

  3. heliosholistic Says:

    I am having trouble with sending any message to your site at present . My name is Martin and I often come to Tiruvannamali, and get asked if I am Richard but then that’s you! Please Email address so I can contact .Kind Regards,. Martin

  4. heliosholistic Says:

    I would also like your email address, I am often in Tiruvannamali, and have been asked if I am Richard but that’s you! I am having a problem using your site and have just registered for wordpress,so I will see what happens, Martin

    • richardclarke Says:

      Martin, You comments were not posted here because I have to approve the first comment, then others are automatically approved. And I was travelling to the US and unable to reach a computer ofr about three days.

  5. rainbowatendofpotofgold Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is there an email address where I can contact you? I am not able to find one here.

    Thank you

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