Radha Ma Samadhi Pooja


Contributed by a friend of Radha Ma

On March 7, 2011, Radha Ma was interred into her Samadhi at her Ashram in Tiruvannamalai.

She was brought in a private van from Chennai, at about 3:30pm, wrapped, with only her face showing, taken to a back room, where she was given a bath, clothed, pooja said over her, her family visited, and then brought to the front of the ashram where she was semi-propped up on a lounge chair with only her face and feet showing, for all to see and have her Darshan. Sanskrit hymns were recited and Arunachala Siva was sung, in its entirety, in Tamil, during which she was garlanded and people were allowed to put flowers on her body and take Darshan of her feet, if they wished.It was a very emotional time.
When this was finished, Radha Ma was carried in her chair, by her devotees and family, to to the back, to the front side of the Narasimha Temple, where also her newly built Samadhi lay, and a long “Pada Pooja” (Pooja of her feet) was carried out. Her feet were washed with many items, amongst them were Ganga water, Manjal (Turmeric) water mix, Chandan (Sandalwood) water mix and milk. All during this time, Sanskrit slokas and hymns were being chanted. A short Narasimha Pooja was also conducted. Then it was time to inter Radha into her Samadhi.

The Samadhi is located in the front of the Narasimha Temple, across from the doors. It was a deep square, having been dug the night before, lined with bricks and either Manjal or Sandalwood splashed against the inside of the bricks. The Samadhi is facing Arunachala and the front of the Narasimha Temple. The bottom was filled with wreaths and wreaths of fresh Tulsi. Radha was interred in a sitting position, facing both Narasimha and Arunachala. Garlands and flowers were placed upon her, then more rose petals were showered upon her. Bags and bags of Tulsi were opened and showered upon her. A few articles were also put into the Samadhi, as well as some clothing and an Astavakra Gita, which she was in the process of translating from the Sanskrit into English, was also put into the Samadhi. Finally, her face was covered with Tulsi. Some Bael leaves were also showered on the Tulsi. Bags and bags of Vibhuti were opened and showered upon the Tulsi. All the devotees and people attending were asked to participate in the showerings. While the Vibhuti was being showered, Chandan (or Manjal) was also being splashed inside. People were singing songs to Ma and chanting her name.Many people openly crying. Next came Ash. Bags and bags of black ash were opened and showered over the Vibhuti, until the Samadhi was almost full. Last was sand. Brown sand was showered as the top layer of the Samadhi. Everyone who was still there had an opportunity to participate in this last showering, also. The last was cement. After the top was leveled with the sand, cement was poured on the sand. At this point, everyone was asked to leave, as 2 big granite slabs were to be placed on the top of the Samadhi, sealing it closed. The slabs were heavy and the masons and other men all had to lift and carry them and place them, so people were asked to leave, to avoid any accidents and being in the way. I stayed and sat in a chair watching the slabs being lifted and cemented on top of the Samadhi. At this point, the ceremony was over.

From the moment I entered the Ashram, waiting for Radha’s body to arrive, I could feel an amazing energy. MY eyes were drawn to Radha Ma’s picture, which was sitting under a picture of Narasimha and they looked to be One. His energy was coming right through Radha’s picture. What a force! Yes!
I could feel and see Radha in the air, full Love and Peace, showering blessings and Grace, watching from above. So happy. So Peaceful. All Love. Arunachala Ganesha view right out the door of the Ashram, removing all obstacles. What an incredible time. When Radha was brought into the room, I could see that her face was complete Peace. Empty.

It was an amazing, beautiful time, which has not ended. Will never end. The Self never ends.

Hari Om Tat Sat, Radha MA, Hari OM.

3 Responses to “Radha Ma Samadhi Pooja”

  1. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    Some Solace at the end and collective prayers might assuage the soul

  2. santhanams Says:

    I offer Ashtavakra which was so close to Radha Ma’s heart.

    That which has form is not real.
    Only the formless is permanent.
    Once this is known,
    you will not return to illusion.


    Krishnamachari Santhanam

  3. akismet-682c5d38274a86b41c6dedcf8902effa Says:

    thanks dorothy .. still begs the question, what the heck happened.

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