Radha Ma Interred into Samadhi in Tiruvannamalai


Radha Ma was interred into a samadhi yesterday, 7 March 2011, at her compound in Tiruvannamalai, near Arunachala. She dropped the body at 3:15 pm on 6 March 2011 after she poured kerosene onto herself and lit herself on fire early in the morning of 5 March 2011.

I have heard different stories about why she did this, and am not sure enough of any of them to pass them on. I do not want to pass on rumors.

I can say that when she came to Tiruvannamalai, I think 14 years ago, she had nothing and was happy. She held satsang at Kannappar Temple that she offered freely, and many people came. At the end, she occupied a compound with a house and temple on it, and she was not happy.

One of the people who knew her well, and attended the interment yesterday has told me that yesterday’s rites were beautiful and filled with love. She will write about it soon, and allow it to be published on this blog. We look forward to her contribution.

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14 Responses to “Radha Ma Interred into Samadhi in Tiruvannamalai”

  1. ramkumar2008 Says:

    what does the local paper reports say Richard.. they might have some clues about the note left by Radha Ji (like official information from ashram authorities..)

  2. ramkumar2008 Says:

    This news makes me sad. i read somewhere she left a note. what was in that.. and why did she do such an act.?

    • richardclarke Says:

      The story is not clear, and all we could ever learn is the outer story, when what matters is the inner one.

  3. aumshanta Says:

    First, I would like to extend my love to the departed soul.. With all the respect and due apologies, I would like to comment this comment.

    Enlightened ones act without concepts and constraints and they answer to no one. If you look from a mundane mind, you will only see the mundane.

    If Enlightned do not show the way to the mundane, who will? I might like to think, she knew better.. Of course.. who can deny the freewill..From a common sense perspective, Saints live to show the world that ‘God’ exists.. They might even die if necessary for the world like jesus did..

    I do not believe suicide sends any positive message to the aspirants.

  4. fpfbronxson73 Says:

    I think everyone should turn to the TRUE and CORRECT ancient teachings of the Upanishads….Especially Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and Swami Sivananda from Rishikesh’s Commentary upon it….pure brilliance from a Living Saint/Scholar……These so called ”realized” people corrupting the Holy Ground of Tiruvannamalai are a disgrace……………charging money for satsang…Satsang for who, there own egos? Laying hands on people’s heads like they have some power to give, NONSENSE…Grace is your very breath and heartbeat……The very inkling of any spiritual desire in your heart for these ancient teachings is Grace enough!!!! Nothing these misinformed souls try to teach is anywhere in the Upanishads….If they say it is, they have no concept of what they say……I think people need to wake up, its about time…………………….

  5. annamalaima Says:

    oops…sorry, you did!

  6. annamalaima Says:

    You have not changed the dates! and people are passing this around.

  7. annamalaima Says:

    Can you imagine someone doing something without referencing it to something else. Why do you hold someone “spiritual” to your own conceptions of how they are supposed to act. Enlightened ones act without concepts and constraints and they answer to no one. If you look from a mundane mind, you will only see the mundane.

  8. ramanajyothi Says:

    This news makes me sad. I feel disillusioned when someone in the path of spirituality and someone projected as a realized soul commits suicide by self-immolation. I don’t know what circumstances led her to take this drastic action. But whatever it may be, a spiritual person should be well above all those and not be distressed by life situations like ordinary people. Otherwise, what’s the point in seeking spirituality?

    It’s hard for me to accept anyone as a realized soul easily. To me only Ramana Maharshi is a totally realized soul. His day to day activities, actions, words, teachings etc reflect that.

    This is just an ordinary person’s perspective.

    May Radha ma’s soul rest in peace.

  9. fpfbronxson73 Says:

    I must say that I wish RadhaMa’s soul a safe journey back to God. I also must say I am distressed at what some of these actions by so-called “Self” realized individuals do to the reputation of Pure Hinduism and Pure Vedanta for that matter. Realization is a bad word first of all, and whether you have a palace or a cave should make no difference…The Sufis speak of Jihad in the sense of inner Jihad against the ignorance in ones heart, when that is overcome there can NEVER be any kind of war outside….I pray we as lovers of Shiva or whatever God you call home see the real truth of Enlightenment…Sri Ramana lived it….Namaste.

  10. annamalaima Says:

    She dropped her body on the 6th and was interred on the 7th.

  11. ursraja Says:

    I hear that she was already liberated soul. May her soul attain Shanti.

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