Plans for More Yellow Paths


In 2010 the first two segments of the Yellow Path were created. This post shows the first activity planned for 2011. This will include:

  • Completion of path over West Pass between Parvati and Arunachala (“Parvati Gap”)
  • Creation of path to Parvati hilltop
  • Connect paths between East Pass and West Pass
  • Create view spot between East and West Pass
  • Open path to Gameplayer’s Cave

Here is a map of the proposed plans. The new elements to be done are shown in white.


As you can see, this will open up much more of the area near Parvati Hill, and allow access to the Hill itself. We think this will be much appreciated by those who love Arunachala, and use the Inner Path as a way to imbibe the peace of Arunachala. 

Below are a few photos from a recent trek through this area.

Looking from the route of the proposed West Path towards one end of Parvati Hill.


Carol climbing through the brush. This will be Yellow Path when next you see a photo of this area.


From the top of the pass you get a great view of ‘The Elephant.’  The photo is taken into the sun, so has a lot of glare.


Here is one of our dogs, ‘Freckles.’ Shadows on her side make her look striped, like a tiger. This is at the top of the pass.


There is a pretty good path going down the other side. Ahead of me now is our other dog, ‘Pippi.’


Carol makes her way down the path.


This is the Northside Basin. There is more water in it than I have seen in earlier years.

The Elephant again, from lower on the trail. To its left is what we call ‘The Northside Promontory.’


Carol cutting brush away on the trail.


This is the eastern peak of Parvati. If you look closely at Parvati Hill, you will see two peaks. Only one is shown in this photo.


At the bottom of the hill, there is rough but fairly open ground to cover. The white near the center of the photo is the small house that was built on the nearby land where they have been trying to get a tenant for organic farming.


Looking towards the East Pass you can see the small hill that will separate the two paths over the hill.


Carol looks back at the way we have come, over the West Pass.


The Yellow Path is just ahead. This path will join it about here.


The Yellow Path here is pretty wet and muddy. The rains stopped a few weeks ago, but there is still water in the streams coming from Arunachala.


This is the new Lingam installed near the East Pass, a bit after the summit. I think maybe it was carried up in two pieces; from the white line around it, it looks as if the top part is cemented into place. From the construction and from the way nearby branches were broken, rather than cut, I think it was Indian people who brought this Lingam up the hill and installed it here. It pleases me that others are making efforts to add spiritual ‘improvements’ to the Yellow Path.


Here is Richard looking more closely at the new Lingam.


These new parts of the Yellow Path will add views and vistas for those who walk the Inner Path. I think the new path to Parvati Hill, and the new View Spot will be particularly enjoyed.

So far we have done all the work to create the Yellow Path using money from my retirement pension. If you would like to contribute to this good work, let me know by sending an email to

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