Ribhu Gita Video on the Internet


A friend just sent me the link below. This is a reading and commentary of the Sanskrit Ribhu Gita, as translated from Sanskrit into English by Nome and Dr. H Ramamoorthy. This translation was the first complete English version, published in 1995. (The book is available from SAT. A link is here.)

The commentary from Nome is very deep. Given the work he did in the translation, his knowledge of the text is comprehensive.

Read are Chapter 1, Verses 36-41

36. I am Consciousness alone. I am possessed of divine Knowledge. I am without any words to express myself. I am Brahman alone.
37. I have no meaning. “This” is without meaning. I am devoid of the meaning of all. I am Brahman alone.
38. I am ever pure, enlightened, eternal, totally blemishless. I am of the nature of the ever-blissful. I am Brahman alone.
39. I am of the nature of the eternal Perfection. I am Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. I am of the nature of nonduality alone. I am Brahman alone.
40. I am of the nature that cannot be described. I am without beginning and without end. I am not of the nature of insentient matter. I am Brahman alone.
41. I am without any sankalpa of my own. I am devoid of all nescience. I am all. I am That itself; I am Brahman alone.

Click on the photo to bring up the video, or the link below. The complete video is about one hour in length.

Nome reading  Ribhu Gita

Or click this link: http://vimeo.com/15999442

Satsang Videos

I also noticed that there are also a number of videos of Satsang with Nome. I have found Nome’s satsangs are deep, direct, uncompromising, eloquent and poetic. Some of my favorites are:


Nirguna Brahman

One Undivided Self

Sri Ramana’s Self-Realization

Nonobjective Self



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