Leopards come back to Arunachala?


This morning, my wife Carol and I went walking the paths of Arunachala, as we  often do.  It rained last night, so the ground was soft. We came upon tracks from a big cat. The paw prints came down from the mountain, went to nearby a water tank, where the animal could  drink, then there were another set of prints going back up towards Arunachala.

Doing some checking, I  think these must be leopard paw prints. The last recorded sighting of a leopard on Arunachala was in 1933, according to John, the Ramanasramam archivist.

We did not have cameras with us, and so did  not get any photographs of the prints. Maybe next time we are in the area we will be able to get photos.

I don’t think they are a danger to those walking around Arunachala. I think leopards mainly come out only at night. During the day they will sleep somewhere up on the mountain, maybe in come cave we have  not yet found.

This is exciting for many people. One thing that it means is that all the work done by a number of groups  over the last twenty years towards the ‘Greening of Arunachala’ is having such good effect as to bring back some of the wildlife that had long left the mountain.


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