Flowers Decorate the Murtis at SAT


In the last months, a Ramana Maharshi devotee and SAT member, Jim Clark, has been decorating the various murtis and idols before each holy event. At the summer starts to bring more flower blooms, the decorations get more elaborate and beautiful. I took these photos on Sunday August 8, 2010 at the SAT temple in Santa Cruz, CA, USA, and want to share them with you. May this beauty remind you of what you love.

Going up the stairs to the Satsang Hall, before I enter the hall, first I stop at the shrine room, dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. 

The lingam is decorated with pink, blue, and white blossoms.


The rear wall of the satsang hall is lined with murtis, statues of the gods. These are all about six feet high.

Dakshinamurti is decked out with pink, white and pale blue blossoms. The Bodhi Tree he sits under is abloom with these flowers.

The fire of Nataraja burns brightly, in orange and red flowers, with sunflowers at the top and at the feet of Nataraja. Flower petals dropped on the base of the altar and onto the floor in front of it extend the space of Nataraja into the hall.

The Lingodbhava is sparsely decorated in comparison. Blooms are at the feet and at the top, symbolizing Siva’s light that goes to infinity.

Ardhanariswara stands holding a sprig of pink gladiolas. The carved wood Lingam at the feet has a deep red rose placed atop, with flower petals strewn about.


Each Sunday brings new beauty. We enjoy this atmosphere as we listen to satsang and the discourse from  Nome and dialogs with those who ask questions today. The beauty makes it easier to be absorbed into what we hear and see.


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