New Section of Arunachala Inner Inner Path Coming Soon


Arunachala’s Inner Inner Path offers new access to Arunachala, and new ways to experience the peace and beauty of this Holy Hill. Today I walked with the person who will head up the work on the next path section, and showed him just where this will go.

It will head towards Arunachala from Kattu Siva Tank, go over the hill at the East Pass over Parvati Gap, then down the hill, to meet with the existing section of the Inner Inner Path. See below for a map. When finished, there will be about 3 km of new path that is an alternative to about 4 km of the existing Inner Path. We expect this work to be finished in March.


Here are a few photos from today’s walk of the route. A more extensive view of this route can be found in the post A Path Across Arunachala

Below, looking towards the East Pass from near Kattu Siva Tank. A faint path can be made out ahead of us towards the hill.


Looking south from the path up the hill.


Looking southeast from higher up on the path.


We have reached the top and are headed down.


A panoramic view of the north side shows through the trees.


Here is a big rock on the Inner Inner Path. I call this rock “Self-Knowledge Rock.” It is a great place to sit and meditate.


Looking back towards the East Pass, after descending.


Parvati Hill peeks out from behind a ridge.


Here is a good photo of the East Pass from the north side.


This Palmyra palm is the landmark that shows that you are getting close to the Inner Inner Path.


And here is the Inner Inner Path, so you can continue your girivalam of Arunachala.


This new path will give an alternate route. It is steeper and the footing is not always good, so take care. If you are not fairly physically fit, maybe you should not try this. When we go up the hill, we usually take our walking sticks. I would advise these on this path – they are useful to make sure that you do not slip and fall.

This new path segment will be open by the end of March, and will be well marked with yellow and white painted path markers.


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