Back from Mumbai and Goa, much posting to do


We just got back to Tiruvannamalai and Arunachala after almost two weeks traveling in India. We met Carol’s two kids, Amy and Brody. They flew into Mumbai, and we were going to see a bit of India with them: Mumbai and Goa. After the previous week, with the mahasamadhi of Sarasvati, this trip was a welcome break. 

We looked forward to seeing more of India. It is funny though, the places we visited in Mumbai and in Goa did not seem at all like the India we know. I will write about our visits to both cities soon. We enjoyed the traveling, but it was so good to get back to Arunachala and our home outside Tiruvannamalai.

Here is Arunachala this afternoon.

Here is one picture from Mumbai. We stayed in the Colaba district. This photo, taken at Chowpatty Beach, looks west at sunset, from Marine Drive to high rise buildings on Malabar Hill, and the Arabian Sea beyond.

Below is a beach photo from Goa – sand, umbrellas with people beneath, and a person on a parachute ride.


In the next few days I will be posting about the trip, and also about another sadhu feeding done for my birthday. Stay tuned.


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