Arunachala’s New Inner Inner Path


We have been searching out the route of what we call Arunachala’s “Inner” Inner Path. We have located the first section after searching and exploring for some months. Today we went out with some Indian men who will  do the work to clean up this path so it is easy to find and walk. Maybe soon, there will be a new route to walk.

This first part is about 2 km long. The quiet, peace, and closeness to Arunachala will make this a special walk.

Path Marker

To mark this path, a symbol similar to the Inner Path marker, which is a red flame in a white cup. For the Inner Inner Path, yellow the same symbol will be used, with yellow replacing the red. It will look like the sample below:


It will be painted on rocks along the path,  like the Inner Path markers shown below.


Here is a map, showing this new  route in context of the Inner Path and Outer Pradakshina Road:


Here is a close up of the area:


Finding the Inner Inner Path

The entrance to the Inner Inner Path is off of the new Inner Path segment built to skirt the development area on the Adi Anamalai side of Arunachala. This segment is shown in this post. Start looking for the new Yellow Flame marker on the right side of the new segment of the Inner Path.

Note that an entrance to the Inner Inner Path will be available for those who hike over either of the Parvati Gap paths.

The Future of the Inner Inner Path

Additional sections of this path are anticipated. As we explore Arunachala we are looking to see where these might be.

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2 Responses to “Arunachala’s New Inner Inner Path”

  1. Robert G. Longpré Says:

    This is incredibly interesting. The next time I go to India I will try to find a way to walk this path. Thank you for visiting my blog site. I hope that you return. In my own way, this is a sacred path that I follow as well.

  2. vpsrao Says:

    My wife and I read your blog on Inner Path (inner girivalam). We just came back from tiruvannamalai doing inner girivalam every day of our stay there. your wonderful pictures brought our memories back and felt as if we were doing the inner walk again as we went through the pictures. Thank you very much for the photos and excellent description. you are so fortunate to be living there in tiruvannamalai. hopefully, in our next trip there we’ll have a chance to meet you. Thanks once again for the excellent blog. —padmaji & sarita

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