Deepam 2009 – Second Day’s Procession


All during Karthigai Deepam, there is one or more daily procession of the gods. They come out of Arunachaleswara’s East Gate, out to Car Street, and turn right. They make pradakshina of the temple, then re-enter into the East Gate. Each day’s procession is different. What I have shown is from the noon parade. There are also evening ones, as well as midnight processions of the silver chariots that will start in a few days. I  will show some of these in this blog, probably mainly the noon ones. The light for photos is not good in the evening. And I can’t stay up until midnight anymore.

Second Day’s Procession

We got there about 12:30 and they were already on the west side of the temple. We took these photos from the same place as the first day.

They are coming up the street, led by musicians. There are not as many people today. If big crowds are too much for you, these processions are nice and more low-key. 


Again they are pulled by tractors.


Always Ganesh is first. Here he rides upon his vehicle (vahana) the rat Mushika.


Following Ganesh is only one more chariot.


This one has a big crowd of people accompanying it and around it.


It is the rulers of the big temple, Lord Annamalai and his consort, Unnamalai. I guess Deepam is really their show.

Police walk in front of the chariot and beside it.


A drummer rides along.


I noticed a man with a torch (and a can of fuel).


All during the procession I see people coming with puja plates for their home. He lights their camphor with the torch (with a holy flame from the temple). They will take this flame into their own house and offer puja at their household altar. This is one of the ways in which the holy spirit goes from the temple, onto the streets, and finally into the homes of devotees along the route.

Vendors walk with the procession. Cotton candy vendors carry pink fluffs to sell to the children.


The procession stops at the northwest corner of the temple. This is one place where people come from their homes to make offerings to the gods.


Again the gods do more than just parade around the streets. They are there to give blessings to all the people along the way.


A  Brahmin man walks in front of the main chariot carrying a bowl of vibhuti.


People go up to him and get some vibhuti. I did too. But when I got there he would not give me any until I removed my sandals. Then it was OK.


I think these days between the first and last will have small processions. I will cover some of them so you can see what they are like. As I can, I will try also to get more details of how the local people interact with the gods during the procession.

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