Danger to Arunachala Averted


In an earlier post I reported a possible threat to Arunachala from development between Adi Annamalai and the Inner Path. I withdrew this post after several people told me that such posts may being real danger to me personally. I have now heard from two different sources that what is planned is a tree farm for teak trees. One Indian friend went to the Collector, the head of the local government, who assured him that residential and commercial development this close to the hill was not possible, but said that agricultural land near the hill can be used for agricultural purposes, and the tree farm fits this use. So there is development going on, but it is preparation for a teakwood plantation, not housing.  Not so bad. I have to say I don;t like any development though.  

I will show some photos of this area in this post. Also a few more pictures that shows Arunachala, green after a few days of recent rain.

I have been traveling recently and this is the first time I had walked around Arunachala in about four weeks. I was so happy to be out and near the mountain. The morning was cool, the birds active, everything fresh after the recent rain.

Picture 016

Nearing the area of the project, the signs of activity have grown since last I passed by. Stone posts now surround the property. It is a big piece of land.

Picture 018

Picture 019

The Inner Path goes right by the property. It is to the right of the posts.

Picture 020

With the rains, part of the path is flooded.

Picture 023

Earth moving equipment has been used to dig out part of the area. This still seems strange to me for a tree farm.

Picture 026

The flooded path is overflow from the small tank we call ‘The Frog Pond’ which is full to its limit.

In the foreground is a brindle-colored dog that was walked the Inner Path with us for about the last year and a half. We call the dog ‘Tigger’ after the character from Winnie the Poo.

Picture 028

The full tank.

Picture 030

Parvati Hill behind the tank.

Picture 035

You can see how the full tank floods the path.

Picture 037

More signs of construction equipment.

Picture 040

Picture 041           

Past the Frog Pond is the Northside Tank. It has as much water in it as I have seen in the last two years.

Picture 047

In the dry season, this basin is completely dry. I wonder what the wildlife does then for water? Today I saw many deer hoof prints in the soft mud.  

Picture 054

There is a smaller teak farm near the basin. This is not so bad. I like the open space better, though, the way it is now.

Picture 055

Parvati Hill again, looking over the basin.

Picture 059

This goat is much further on the walk, on the road down from Pachiaimman Koil down to the main road. He often sits, kinglike on this rock. I have wanted to get a photo of him for some time. We have seen him in this area (and sitting enthroned on this rock) many times. He seems like one of many creatures and people we regularly see along the way, one of our friends of Arunachala. 

King Goat

I really can’t say how happy I was to make this walk again today. My legs are much more tired, since I have not been walking so much while traveling, but it is the ‘good tired’ feeling from doing something that you love.    

I am also glad to be able to report that the danger to Arunachala is not so bad as I  had feared.



2 Responses to “Danger to Arunachala Averted”

  1. seethayv Says:

    i am away from home(thiru),right now. We have our house in thiru,so have been looking at the blog to get rid off my homesickness. What do i find!!!!!!!!!!!!!1surprise. in one of the pictures about morning in ramanashram, my husband’s photo..hilarious.

    • richardclarke Says:

      I am so glad to hear your comment. I know that there are many for whom these photos remind them of what they love. So glad that for you it was your husband!

      Perhaps we will meet when you return.

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