Repairing the Tanks of Arunachala


It is late March, and summer is well on its way. After the hot months of April and May, the rains will start in June. Now work is being done on some of the tanks around Arunachala so that they can hold more water. This post shows the result of the work done around one of these, one we call ‘The Frog Pond,’ at the east end of Parvati Hill on the north side of Arunachala.

This tank fills up quickly when it rains. The next two photos were taken in December. Then the tank was filled to overflowing.



Because the tank is not very deep, it was dry again by February.

We had noticed the work that was being done, so I took the camera with me this week when we went around the hill.

We start early in the day. Here is the sunrise over The Elephant, on our way to the tank.


As we approach the tank, the path is dug up, the brush that is next to the path has been cleared.


You can see that the tank has been dug into and deepened by two or three feet. This is enough that it will hold much more water, and will provide water to animals for longer each year.


On the back side of the tank, dirt has been put into big piles. Not very aesthetic.


More piles of dirt. These block one of the tiny creeks that bring water into the tank. Did they even think of this when they were piling the dirt around?


Here is another view of the tank, after the digging.


Dirt was also piled on the path around the tank. Thorny bushes were also cut down. The branches were hacked  off with machetes. The bush will grow back and the thorns will be back probably again in a few months.


Below is a shot of the tank from the east side, now dried up, taken from the same angle as the second photo in this post that showed the overflow during the  rainy season.


A lot of work was done here. I understand the effort to increase the amount of water the tank will hold. I do hope that this effort was not defeated by the piling of dirt where water runs into the tank. We will see in a few months. By June the tank should  start filling up.           

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