Feeding Sadhus on Girivalam Road


After the recent scooter accident, I wanted to thank Arunachala for the blessings that it was not worse, and that I am healing well. So last Sunday we did another sadhu feeding. I got 115 breakfasts from Sathya’s Cafe, and started off down Bangalore Road, where Perumpakkam Road meets it. We started here, rather than near Ramanasramam, because we wanted to be able to give more food to those sadhus that stay farther along on Girivalam Road.

Before we left, Dhakshinamoorthy, proprietor of Sathya’s Cafe, told us a Tamil saying related to this kind of giving:

If you give money, it does not satisfy.
If you give land, it does not satisfy.
If you give a house, it does not satisfy.
If you give food, it does give satisfaction.

Our Tamil friends are always happy when they hear that we are feeding the sadhus.

We were able to feed all the sadhus from Yama Lingam to Adi Anamalai Temple. Here are some picture from the day.

Dawn over Arunachala

Dawn over Arunachala

Rajan’s rickshaw, loaded with good food and the ‘feeding team.’ Janani and Raam Kumar, Rajan’s kids, joined us again. Carol hands the package of idlis and vadas and a bag of  sambar to one of the kids. They, in turn, give it to Richard, who gives it to the sadhu.

With each giving, Richard says, “Om namah Sivaya.” Usually the sadhu will reciprocate.


Sadhus at Nirudhi Lingam. Janani, is  giving Richard a breakfast to give to the sadhus.


Raam Kumar gives a breakfast to Richard.


More food given to sadhus who stay at Nirudhi Lingam






Below is our friend Jim Clark, from SAT, who is here taking video for a documentary in which he wants to show the inner experience of those who come to Arunachala. Naturally, he has his camera.


Giving food to sadhus along Girivalam Road.



Giving food near where the scooter accident happened, in front of Unnamalai Amman Mandapam.




Back on the road. Jim is video taping the action.


More sadhu feeding.


Many of the sadhus have flowing white beards.




Arunachala is in the background. (Really it is the west end of Parvati Hill.)


One of the many shrines and gods that line the road.


Raam Kumar, Janani and  Richard, in front of Adi Anamalai Temple.

_DSC8884 cropped

After all the breakfasts were given out, we went back to Sathya’s cafe for our own meal. Janani, Raam Kumar, Richard and Carol sit together and eat.


This is the fourth time we have done this. Each time we are so grateful to be able to offer this food to the sadhus, because it seems like such a good thing to do. We are so grateful that we are able to give in this way.

The last two times we have done this, it was on Sunday morning, so Janani and Raam Kumar could help. They enjoy it, and are great helpers. 

We will do this again in a month or  two.

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