Arunachala Inner Path Map


I have created a map to Arunachala’s Inner path, using a view from I did this, being unable to find one readily available.

I will start to use this as a basis for Arunachala Inner Path, and Secrets of Arunachala maps.

Arunachala Inner Path, caves and landmarks

Arunachala Inner Path, caves and landmarks

This is now updated to show many caves, temples and other landmarks.

Legend – by color

Inner Path
Skandashram and Virupaksha Cave
Access Points
(From Bottom, clockwise):
Mountain of Medicine / Children’s Park
Bangalore & Perampakken Rds.
Big Nandi on Bangalore Rd.
Kattu Siva Tank
Kannapa Temple
Outer Path
Other Trails around and up Arunachala

As people have questions, or additional information about what should be on this map, please let me know.

I can email you the map jpg if you want. Or just double click the image to download yourself.

Below is a raw map image from Microsoft Virtual Earth. Double click to open.

Map image

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