Ribhu Gita – No. 3 – V Ganesan


BHAGAVAN RAMANA was once asked to define “Self-Realization” – Atma Sakshatkar. He said :

Self-Realization is the gaining of THAT which is always there.
And, the giving up of that which has never been there.

The ‘me’ in you has to drop, to know that there has never been a ‘me’ ! It is not a contradiction or playing on words. Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ – all Sages – have said : “Surrender to ‘ME ’ ”. The ‘ ME ’ refers to the “ I AM ” =

“I AM the way. I AM the life. I AM the goal ”, said Jesus Christ. The ‘me’ is V.Ganesan. When I am confronted with the specific question: “Who are you ?” my ready answer is: “ I am V.Ganesan ! ” In that, “ I AM ” is the Truth and “V.Ganesan” is the untruth. That is, ‘V.Ganesan’ is the ‘me’ and “I AM” is the “ME ”. Surrendering the ‘me’ to the “ME ” ! In Silence, through Silence and by Silence, such ‘surrender’ takes place in one’s Heart !

Truly, who are ‘you’ ? The “RIBHU GITA ” gives ‘you’ the answer :

You indeed, are of the nature of the Supreme Brahman** ,all Existence.
You indeed, are of the nature of the Supreme Brahman , the changeless.
You indeed, are of the nature of the Supreme Brahman , all Consciousness.
You indeed, are of the nature of the Supreme Brahman , Consciousness-Bliss.
You indeed, are of the nature of the faultless Supreme Brahman ,
You indeed, are of the nature of the perfectly full Supreme Brahman ,
You indeed, are of the nature of the Supreme Brahman , which is THAT.
You indeed, are of the nature of the Supreme Brahman , which is unimpeded.

[ ** Supreme Wisdom ]

How to fully cognize or recognize this Truth ? What should one do to realize this Truth ? Again, the “ RIBHU GITA ” gives us a crystal clear answer :

Renouncing all charity and virtuous conduct,
Renouncing all sacred streams and shrines,
Renouncing all kinds of japa and tapas ,
Renouncing all great mantra and tantra ,
Renouncing all honored gods,
And, all worship of gods,
And, renouncing all kinds of treatises;
Casting aside all kinds of history,
Casting aside all kinds of action,
Casting aside all kinds of yoga,
Casting aside all kinds of philosophy,
Casting aside diverse varieties of devotion,
Casting aside all specialized approaches,
And, casting aside all kinds of works;
Casting aside all the varied religions,
Casting aside all the variety of ideas,
Casting aside all manner of secret doctrines,
Casting aside the service of all,
Casting aside all kinds of holy acts,
Casting aside all good fortune,
And, casting aside all haunting doubts;
Casting aside the legions of lessons,
Casting aside all manner of habits,
Casting aside the various worlds,
Casting aside the peerless guru,
Casting aside whatever is thought of as something else,
And, casting aside all debilitating doubts,
Ever take to the study of this treatise.

This treatise confirms that YOU ARE
the Supreme Brahman – Supreme Wisdom. ”

Be assured that the study of this treatise will establish one in the Natural State of Supreme Wisdom, in which true state every one of us is ever rooted.

Having been re-established in one’s Original State of Fullness, one’s Heart will be filled with gratitude,joy and fulfillment. And, one would rejoice in joining hands with Sage Nidaga, who spontaneously expressed his heart-felt gratitude to his Guru, Sage Ribhu, through the following dialogue, in verses :

* * * * * * * * * * *


This treatise, which has the power to completely remove
all wavering and instill undividedness,
Will come within the reach of only that ultimate life with no more birth
Fit to attain one’s Natural State,
After the fruition of all the dharma practiced in successive births
And removal of all sins.
To those who reach this treatise,
There is no more birth.
This I confirm in the Name of the Great Lord.
In days past, the Great Lord
Risen as a Divine Auspicious Form,
Graciously taught me this text of such repute,
For the benefit of all.
In like manner, I have also, in a spirit of compassion
and in depth,
Taught this to you, Nidaga !
Whoever reaches this efficacious text
Will become of the Nature of the Supreme Brahman ,
all Consciousness.

I have said all that I have to say.
Now, I shall betake myself to somewhere else.

Being thus richly blessed by the Guru Ribhu, Nidaga was profusely moved and with very great reverence and devotion, uttered the following :


Hearing these profound words of Ribhu,
Overcome with joy and with tears of happiness welling up in his eyes,
is body in trepidation with overwhelming devotion,
Nidaga prostrated himself with humility
And, his voice choking,
In ecstasy, uttered this :
Honored Guru, with the sublime Knowledge beyond comprehension !
By your compassion, small-minded I have overcome my littleness
And have grown to be the great, undivided, complete, perfect fullness, without separate identity.

By obtaining this hard-to-get audience of yourself,
I have obtained all there is to be obtained in this birth.
By the rare relationship with your grace,
I have become one who has successfully fulfilled
All that is to be done.
My Guide ! Of the words that you in your grace have bestowed,
I have taken up for reflection one of the statements of certitude that you have uttered.
Thoroughly effacing all attachment and holding fast to Supreme Bliss,
I have become of the Nature of Supreme Brahman.
What shall I say of your compassion
That has removed all my worldly sorrow and conferred undivided Bliss ?
There is not an iota of doubt in what has been said.

How shall I describe this greatness of yours, O Revered Master !
There is no recompense
For this help of yours rendered in compassion.
Supreme Guru ! My humble self would offer
Endless variety of obeisance to your pair of feet.
But even obeisance is more of a courtesy [ than anything else,
For ] is there any obeisance in the domain of the Ultimate Truth ?

All is Brahman in the Ultimate Truth,
And no difference of any kind exists.
My good Guide ! The revelation of the Divine Awareness,
I have personally experienced by your compassion,
There is neither I who am speaking, nor you,
Nor this treatise on which has been heaped such praise,
No individuals (jivas) affected by bondage, no Lord,
And none of the differentiated earth or other worlds,

Revered Guru ! All is Supreme Brahman
Of the undivided nature and nothing apart.
Great among Gurus ! In the partless, undivided, Supreme Revelation,
Which I have obtained by your compassion,
All is of the nature of the Supreme Brahman,
There is no such talk of the manifold, of Brahma (Creator) and of all
As being separate entities,
Nothing ever exists anywhere.

All that is Brahman, of the Nature of Awareness.
The rapidly rising projection of “I” ,
The persistent projection of “this” before one,
The pluralistic mode of the body and such,
The witness mode of “I-am-the-witness” ,
And, the undivided mode of “I-the-One-Supreme” –
Without any of such modes or projections,
The sorrowless, spotless Nature of the Supreme,
The self-illumined, alone shines.

By your grace, with all manner of differences in my mind
Removed in a trice,
I have reached the inexplicable,
Undivided, Natural State of my own nature.
There is no doubt in what has been said, Supreme Guru !
Praising thus with love,
He, Nidaga, was happily and readily ensconced,
By himself, in his Natural State [ Sahaja Stiti ].

It is only for those who are blessed with the compassion of the Great Shiva
And the compassion of the Guru,
Who is the embodiment of that Shiva,
That the perception of the appearance of the world, individuals, and the Supreme
Will disappear without a trace
And the indivisible, undivided Supreme State result.
What is spoken is the Truth.

It is the Infinite Form of our Perfectly Full Lord in a state of Joyous Dance that proclaims :
There is nothing apart from the Absolute Reality, which is all complete.
All is the all complete Supreme Reality. THAT YOU ARE .

—- RIBHU GITA ” , Ch.38, v.12, 24 to 27 and 40 to 51

Let us pray together, in the sacred words of Sage Ribhu :

Glory to the Supreme Nature, which is Sat-Chit-Ananda.
Glory to the Supreme Nature, which is complete and all full.
Glory to the Supreme Nature, which is Eternal Wisdom Bliss.

These verses are taken from The Song of Ribhu, translated from the original Tamil version of the Ribhu Gita, by Dr. H. Ramamoorthy and Nome. The Song of Ribhu was published by The Society of Abidance in Truth, Santa Cruz, CA, and is available from www.SATRamana.org. It has also been published by Ramanasramam and is available in their bookstore. The copyright is owned by the Society of Abidance in Truth.


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V. Ganesan Bio


Born in 1936, up to the age of 14 years old, Ganesan grew up in the presence and proximity of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. His sacred memory of the Great Master is rich in its content; and, even at that tender age he could see Sri Ramana as the greatest compassionate human being.

On April 14, 1950 – the day the Great Master chose to leave the body – the adolescent Ganesan stood near the entrance to the room where Sri Ramana was lying and was fortunate to witness the brilliant flash of Light that later moved towards the top of the Holy Hill – Arunachala.

Ganesan obtained a Master’s Degree in Philosophy; and, then came to stay permanently at “Sri Ramanasramam,Tiruvannamalai” – the sacred abode of Sri Ramana Maharshi – taking care of the Old Devotees of Sri Ramana. He did it as his sole sadhana (spiritual practice). In that way, he collected the reminiscences of Sri Maharshi from those Old Devotees which have never before been recorded.

His close contacts with sages and saints, including Swami Ramdas, Mother Krishnabai, J. Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Yogi Ramsuratkumar, he says, have deepened and widened his understanding of the ‘Direct Teaching’ of the Maharshi. However, he feels himself to be an insignificant ‘dust’ at the Holy Feet of Bhagavan Ramana.

He has traveled widely and spread the ‘Direct Teaching’ of Sri Ramana Maharshi, in its pristine purity, wherever he was invited to give talks.
He has authored a few books on the life and teaching of Bhagavan Ramana. Among others, “Purushothama Ramana”, “Be the Self”, “Moments Remembered”, “Direct Teaching of Bhagavan Ramana” and “Practising Self-Enquiry” , are very popular.

At the veranda of his cottage – “Ananda Ramana” – he meets earnest seekers, every Monday and Thursday, between 9.30 and 11 a.m., sharing with them the spiritual treasure entrusted with him by all these holy and sacred souls.


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8 Responses to “Ribhu Gita – No. 3 – V Ganesan”

  1. dwarku Says:

    Dear Richard of Arunachala,
    I have been a devotee of Advaita since one year. Who am I vichara is incessant, amidst the me thoughts. Through the lineage of Ramana, Papaji, Mooji, and Nisargadatta lineage Charlie Hayes I am at a point seeking the end of ending glimpses of myself. Somewhere I read your pointing of inquiry to find why the glimpses of the glory of Self ended and returned to my daily life, sank in deeply. Am still thirsty.

    My life has changed, no past or future expectations has no bearings, and the attention is inward on continuous inquiry.

    A few words from you will be most welcome, with great love

    dwarku Inamti

    • richardclarke Says:

      Dear dwarku,

      Nome would ask a seeker who comes to him, speaking of deep experiences, “It is steady?” If not steady, then more practice is needed. Specifically there are vasanas, tendencies, that need to be inquired into and dissolved. Each tendency is a misdirected search for happiness. We want ahappiness that lasts, and in error, seek this happiness outside ourselves, in things, or people, or experiences – in things that are objective. So with a tendency, one can examine it, then see the misidentification that is at the base of it, then inquire into that – Is that who I am? Who am I?

      does this help?

      Om Arunachala,

  2. richardclarke Says:

    Dear Gufisufi,

    After the accident last week, when boy turned his bike immediately in front of me … Boy OK. I will be OK, much pain, separated shoulder and other upper body injuries, getting better each day.

    I thank Arunachala that it was not worse, and that main injuries were to this body.

    I will also go slower on the scooter. I enjoyed going too fast, just sensory enjoyment, not worth the danger to this and other bodies. Reading Ribhu is better enjoyment, the permanent instead of the transitory.

    As to your comments on Ribhu, while certainly rishis have said since time immemorial that we are That, practice consists of verifying what has been said directly by our own experience. This is why, in response to your question in the first email, “If WE are Brahma, what is this other horrible reality of seperation we are experiencing now?” I suggested that you look directly into just who experiences what. The ‘answer’ comes not from improved mental conceptions, but rather from that which can never be conceived and which can be (and always is) directly experienced. What is that? Who are you?

    Om Arunachala,

  3. Geeta 03 - Karma Yoga Part 5/5 Says:

    […] Ribhu Gita – No. 3 – V Ganesan « Living in the Embrace of Arunachala […]

  4. gufisufi Says:

    Humble pranams to the Golden Light sheathed in the form of Richard,

    OMG, sorry to hear of your “accident”. Were you hurt? Were you driving?
    India has the most dangerous traffic imaginable. !00,000+ souls perish there every year and many more suffer injuries. No seat belts, no helmets, no rules except for honking one’s horn every 30 seconds! And if you happen to hit someone in the road, a crowd could drag you from your car and beat you senseless! I am aware of too many horrible stories. If I lived there I would hire a good driver. I will always be shocked to see a family of four riding a motorcycle in a incredibly congested traffic jam.
    I believe we all have a responsibility to protect the saftey of everyone within a society and not just leave it up to their karmic fate.
    But i digress…
    thanks for your response

    Who Am I? Where Did I Come From?
    Rishis proclaim that we are not our body, mind or emotions. We are divine souls on a wondrous journey. We came from God, live in God and are evolving into oneness with God. We are, in truth, the Truth we seek. Aum.

  5. richardclarke Says:

    Dear gufusufi,

    Sorry for slow response. The combination of poor internet connectivity at new house and a recent accident on my motor scooter has interfered with my ability to respond.

    there are many assumptions in your question. These bear looking into. The biggest one is the sense of separation – for whom is this?

    Ramana said that he did not see realized and unrealized people. By this you can see that he saw no separation, and did not in any way put himself as ‘above’ with us ‘below.’ For whom are those ideas?

    The resolution of your question lies not in a discussion of ideas but rather in your own looking to the truth of your own identity. The only seeming separation comes from that ideas that we hold as to our identity. So we need to look deeply into this. Ramana taught “doubt the doubter.”

    So for whom is the sense of separation?

    Om Arunachala,

  6. gufisufi Says:

    I was hoping to get some form of dialogue going here about this subject.

  7. gufisufi Says:

    Hari Om!
    as a student of yoga for 30+ years I have often been puzzled by Advaita and the words of the Ribhu that say to renounce and cast aside everything, including one’s sadhanas. I have seen some folks forsake their spiritual practices to devote themselves fully to self-enquiry. Why that may work for someone like Bhagavan, who was obviously born into this world very ‘ripe’ for the oneness of moksha, 99.999% of the rest of us must develop our minds and nervous system through some form of spiritual practice. This renouncing as the Ribhu speaks, comes after the mind and body are prepared for this final realization. Take for example, Ramanashram, plenty of circumnambulating going on inside the temple walls and around the Holy Hill. Plenty of people sitting in meditation and long periods of chanting of prayers to the Divine. Why has this all not ended if we take the word of the Ribhu? If WE are Brahma, what is this other horrible reality of seperation we are experiencing now? A soul in wonder.

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