Secrets of Arunachala – Kattu Siva Meditation Perch


On the Southwest slopes of Arunachala, north of the Arunachala Kattu Siva Plantation (one of the Arunachala Reforestation organizations), is a delightful spot to sit and meditate  that overlooks the entire Kattu Siva area. This is shown on the map below as ‘2’.

Arunachala markers and inner  path perch

The Walk to the Meditation Perch

It is just a short walk from the reforestation plantation. This post on Kattu Siva Cave shows how to make this walk from Pradakshina Road.

Start from the Kattu Siva Plantation. Walk on the Inner Path (marked by the white ‘cup’ and red ‘flame’.


Immediately out of the Plantation, you cross a small creek with water only during rainy season.  


On the other side of the creek, the trail to the Meditation Perch starts, to the right of the Inner Path.


Follow the trail for a bit. It branches and moves to the left away from the creek.


Follow the path a bit more.


Sadhus Hut

There is an interesting element along the walk – a small thatched hut used by sadhus as a place to sleep.  It appears here  through the trees.


No one is home. If you look carefully you can see a cement floor with a rim to the right and in the rear. I  don’t know whether this is a ‘pillow,’ or rather designed to keep the floor dry when it rains and water is running on the ground around the structure.


In the rear is a fire pit used for cooking. This is out of the photo.   


Kattu Siva Meditation Perch

Looking up from the thatched hut, you see a rock formation rising above the area floor.


Carol climbed up on this formation.


Here is a lovely meditation spot. This time of the year the sun hits the rock about 7:15 in the morning. Before this time, it is cool and most pleasant. After this hour until sundown, be ready for the sun.


Looking down, you can see the hut, and the rocks on this side of Arunachala.

HPIM8610 closeup

Though it is hard to make out clearly, in the middle of the right edge of the photo below is the rock that contains Kattu Siva Cave.


Looking toward Arunachala, you can see the pass that is described in the posting, A Path Across Arunachala.


To the other side of the ‘Perch’ rises a nearby hill, with the two peaks of Parvati Hill on the far side of the ridge.


Turning our eyes toward the surrounding area, we see the side of Parvati Hill. The Inner Path follows this hill at its base.


Looking out  to the Southwest you can hardly see signs of human development.


Looking south towards the slopes of Arunachala, the forest covers this area.


Ahead of the Meditation Perch, trees rise above the forest level. This is where the Tree Plantation is.

HPIM8618 This is one more place we will go back to. It is most pleasant to sit here and have a grand view of the surrounding area. In the quiet of the forest, meditation is peaceful. Rarely do we see another person here. This spot is easy to get to with little climbing required.  

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