Arunachala’s Secret Places – Aum Amma’s Cave


My wife and I continue to explore Arunachala, finding places not generally visited by westerners. One of these is very near to Papaji’s cave, Aum Amma’s cave.

Here is a link to short entry about Aum Amma to tell more about her.

We were ‘guided’ this day, by a mountain guide who said that he knew of special places he could show us. It turned out that we know most, but not all, of the places he took up this day.

There is a picture of the guide and my wife, Carol:


We took the Inner Path from Sri Ramanasramam. Here is a posting that shows how to get to this path: Inner Path from Ramanasramam.

This day it rained a bit. We noticed a card game going on in the thatch hut at the start of the Inner Path. I think they were playing cards because they did not expect many visitors to the mountain during the rain.


After walking 30 minutes or so, we got to the trail to Aum Amma’s. This is the same trail as to Papaji’s Cave.


One clear trail marker is this painted Rock:


Here is a photo of Carol and I sitting on a rock with Arunachala behind us, on the trail up the Hill:


This split rock can be seen from the trail below. Aum Amma’s is on the other side of this rock. Papaji’s cave is above it, to the south.


On the way to Aum Amm’a cave, you can see into the surrounding area.


This day, above the cave we saw two sadhus sitting. One is a friend, Rishi, who we met at SAT in California. The other is a swami from Orrisa who is staying at Ramanasramam for a month.


The steps down to the cave are overgrown now. Aum Amma has been moved down the hill into a house, so this path is not well used.


Aum Amma lived in this cave for several years. Her followers carried cement up the hill, and made a small ‘two-room apartment’ in the cave. I think the work done here is pretty remarkable, as you will see in the next few photos.

Here is the entrance to the cave.


To one side, is a ‘window.’ Notice the concrete put onto the rock to prevent water from flowing into the window.


IN the first chamber, are painted a yin-yang symbol …


And some words about Aum Amma.


Also there is an altar built into the wall.


Stairs lead down …


To another chamber. There is a mat on the floor. Perhaps someone has been sleeping here.


Looking out one of the windows, one sees mainly tree branches.


Looking through another window.


Cement work wall of this chamber. You can see the loving effort that was made.


Now up the stairs.


And onto more exploration of Arunachala.

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