Taking Friends to Papaji’s Cave on Arunachala


This week a friend and his mother were here visiting Ramanasramam. The man, Sarathy, was from Andra Pradesh. We had met him at the SAT temple, in Santa Cruz, California, USA. He was here visiting with his mother and father, during his trip back home to India.

His mother has visited Ramanasramam while Sri Ramana was still alive, and had first taken Sarathy to the ashram when he was a child. While in India, this is just one of the temple places he and his parents are visiting. While in Tiruvannamalai they also visited the main temple, the Arunachaleshwarar Temple, one of the main Siva temples in all of India.

We took Sarathy and his mother to see Papaji’s cave. Though his mother is elderly and had to stop several times, she made it just fine.

If you want to see more on the walk to Papaji’s cave, go to this earlier blog posting: http://luthar.com/2008/03/28/papajis-cave-half-way-to-the-top-of-arunachala/


Here is a snap of my wife, Carol, and I.


Coming up the path.


Sitting and resting near Papaji’s cave. The west side of Tiruvannamalai is visible in the background.


While sitting there, a red-headed lizard came to check up out.


Sarathy and mother, standing with Arunachala behind them


Up the last big rock to Papaji’s …


At Papaji’s Cave. This is a place in which we feel deep peace.



Before we climb back down, we look around the area one last time.


And Carol chats with them before the walk down.


After this, Sarathy and his mother and father went to the big temple. The next day, rising long before dawn, Sarathy and his mother walked pradakshina one the outer path around Arunachala. This is about 15 KM, and not a small walk for an elderly woman.

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